We all have products we use that we love and swear by.

I am no different. There was a time I never looked at the ingredients of the food that I ate. I just ate it. I was not checking the ingredients in my personal hygiene products or my makeup either. Both my parents died from cancer – my mother died from pancreatic cancer and my father from Melanoma. Their death forced me to take a look at my own life and what I could do differently to help live a healthier life.

I started with reading labels of the products I was using and the foods that I was eating. I will admit, it was pretty overwhelming in the beginning. I didn’t even know how to pronounce many of the words, let alone what the meaning was. Someone introduced me to the “dirty dozen” list and it took off from there. My path to a healthier lifestyle lead me to Arbonne. Their skincare, makeup, and nutrition are all a huge part of my life now and I have never felt better since I made the choice.